Dynamic  - Entertaining  - Educational

Industry specific media training sessions for your conference or convention

Are you seeking an expert speaker that can not only inform and entertain, but make your audience laugh as well?

Australian media identity Mark Aiston presents this one hour media Training master Class  customised specifically for YOUR conference, forum or convention.

Mark draws on his years of media industry experience not only demystifying the industry but teaching people how to ulilize the media to THEIR advantage.

What conference attendees will learn from the session

  • The media's goals

    Learn what the media wants, and how you can utilize the media to your advantage. Understanding the media is extremely valuable when you deal with any elements of the media.

  • The reporter

    Get inside the minds of a reporter. Understand how they think and what they are hoping to achieve. If you are able to think like a reporter it will provide you with a huge advantage.

  • The story

    Learn the key steps that need to be taken to identify story ideas about your business products and services.

  • The promotion

    Once you identify story ideas, the next step is to promote the story to the media. Learn the techniques.

Lights - Camera - Action

An exciting part of the session involves a live interview. A member of the audience is called up on stage and interviewed on camera. The interview is specific to their business. The interview is played back and critiqued.

Learn how to to prepare for a media interview and how to deliver YOUR message with credibility. Understand how to avoid tricky questions, where to look and what not to do during a media interview.