Hi everyone I hope you are having a great 2016. I just wanted to reiterate how passionate I am about teaching you how the media operates and works so you can utilize the media to YOUR advantage. And to that end I have re introduced my Publicity Boost video modules. I trust you will enjoy them and put into place all of the tips and techniques that will help you gain free media publicity for you and your business. Good luck. Mark Aiston.

So who should purchase Publicity Boost?

Anyone who has a limited advertising budget
Anyone who wants to promote their products and services
Anyone who wants to promote through the media
Anyone who is scared to work with the media
Anyone who is interested in free publicity

Then jump into Publicity Boost. 10 laser focused video tutorials that will teach you the secrets of gaining free positive publicity for you and your business.

Promote for free through the media

Publicity Boost Chapters

  • introduction

    An introduction to the course including why free media publicity is more credible than a paid commercial.

  • Identification

    The key to a media story for you or your business is to identify what the media will want to do a story about

  • Promotion

    Learn the secrets to promoting your story ideas to the media. The rewards are vast and can be extremely profitable.

  • More techniques

    There are numerous ways of promoting your stories to the media, and it can depend on the media outlet you are contacting.

  • The pitch

    If you understand what the media want and and you present your ideas knowledgeably the media will respond in a positive manner.

  • Topic and product

    If you are promoting to the media, make sure you know exactly what you are talking about. Know your topic and product.

  • Telephone email

    When you pitch by telephone or email there are key considerations that if followed will increase your chance of coverage.

  • Media release

    There are a number of pitfalls when you send out a media release. This chapters covers them comprehensively.

  • Social media release

    What is a social media release and how can it help generate media coverage for you and your products?

  • The give away

    The media kit is a key part of your PR toolkit. Remember first impressions with the media are important.

Promote for free through the media

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