Bonus material

Free one hour session

A major asset, on offer at any time.  A one hour face to face or over the telephone media training session.

This could be used as a refresher course or you may need some quick advice on a media conference you are holding that day.

Free access to my online media training program

  • Learn how to prepare for an interview with the media
  • Understand how to handle a cricis. The basics
  • Role plays to further enhance your media knowledge
  • Learn how to write and implement a media release
  • Learn to write and implement a media policy for your buisiness
  • Understand how to utlize the media to YOUR advantage

Extra material

  • Notes

    Every client receives a copy of Mediainsider's detailed media training notes, which cover everything that is discussed during the media training session and more.

  • Interview

    A copy of the recorded interviews are made available to the clients. Delivered on DVD or as a file on USB.

  • Overview

    A detailed written critique of the session and the "on camera" performance of the clients is also made available. As well as tips on how the client can improve.